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Welcome to PLAYBAOZI Network.
Real BaoZi

“Baozi” [approximate pronunciation = "baw zz"] (包子).

BaoZi is a Chinese type of yeast-leavened filled bun similar to a dumpling. BaoZi is also one of my nicknames. PLAYBAOZI is the name I have chosen for this venture.

PLAYBAOZI is a network of websites owned by Shen Hua:
PLAYBAOZI - Main company website and shop. You can find all the PLAYBAOZI software and games at

ChinesePixel - Art studio website. ChinesePixel is where you can find all sorts of digital art from 3D models to Animations. Most of our art that’s available for sale can be purchased in the shop section at If you're looking for the best price, we encourage you to buy directly from us at, where we can offer a much better deal for you as we don't have to share the profit with any intermediaries.

Our 3D models are also available on Turbosquid.

Please make sure to also check our DeviantArt page where not only you can find more of our Art, but also you can subscribe to our DeviantArt fanclub. Become a subscriber to ChinesePixel Fans to enjoy exclusive content, WIP content and also personal content and occasional giveaways ^_^.

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