America - Cursor Set

America - Cursor Set
America - Cursor Set
Author: Shen Hua
Production Date: 2021/06/02

This is a windows (or other OS .ani and .cur compatible) cursor set.

All but one cursors are animated (.ani) and one cursor is static (.cur).

Pointers include:

Busy (including one alternative version with less opacity)
Normal Select
Precision Select (including one alternative version that's rotated 45 degrees)
Resize (all 4)
Work in BG (including alternative with slightly different pace)

The preview image shows them in this order, from first row left to second row right:

Normal Select, Help, Work in BG, Busy, Precision Select, Handwriting, Unavailable, 4x resize, Move, Alternate, Link.

Product package is compressed with Zip.
It also contains the presentation gif.

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